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Watts Equipment

Heavy Equipment Dealer – Manteca, California

Watts Equipment runs their business using an industry-specific warehouse management system that did not meet their reliability and availability needs. After a thorough analysis, we virtualized their systems using Apple hardware, delivering a rock-solid systems environment to every desktop in the warehouse. When essential data is always close at hand, businesses run better.

Prestige Laser & Cataract Institute

Eye Care Clinic – Las Vegas, Nevada

Prestige Laser & Cataract Institute needed full-featured IT functionality for its new mobile clinic, but space was at a premium. Traditional workstations just weren’t a good fit. We installed and configured a data management system, linked to iPads at the mobile site, ensuring reliable access with a minimal equipment footprint.

Rhodes Stockton Bean Co-Op

Agricultural Services Provider – Tracy, California

Rhodes Stockton Bean Co-Op needed to seamlessly merge IT and accounting systems for two of its locations, spaced 100 miles apart. We set up a linked network to securely unite the two sites and created a central, virtualized accounting system, managing the transition from start to finish. Both sites now enjoy a highly stable, unified network based on Apple hardware.

IT for Healthcare

Serving the unique needs of our healthcare clients, we install and configure practice management systems and bring network security into compliance with HIPAA standards. To ensure the robustness and security of vital data, we implement encrypted end-to-end backups for storage offsite and in the cloud. We keep offices and employees connected with secure VPN solutions and remote access for iOS devices.

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