5 Useful Finder Tricks and Shortcuts

5 Useful Finder Tricks and Shortcuts

From November 2019

Copying or Moving Documents: In Finder, you can copy a document under Command C, and then paste the duplicate on your desktop or elsewhere in Finder with Command V.
Undo an action: You can use go to Edit: Undo or hit Command Z to undo an action in Finder. This could undo renaming a file, moving it to a folder, or even deleting a file (i.e. moving it to Trash) if done immediately after.

Put back: If you select and right-click on a file in the Trash, you can click on “Put Back” and the file would be put back to its original spot. You can also do this once Trash is open by clicking on the “File” tab in the Apple toolbar on top of the screen and then scrolling down to “Put Back.”

Creating a New Folder with Selected Documents: Once you select multiple documents using the Command key in Finder, under the “File” tab in the Apple toolbar on top of the screen, you can select “New Folder with Selection.”

Show path to document: With Finder open, under the “View” tab of the Apple toolbar, you can select “Show Path Bar” which will show all folders a selected document is in at the bottom of Finder.