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  Five Anti-Phishing Cyber Security Tips From July 2020 Phishing, or tricking people into giving personal data by email, text, or phone, has been around for a while. Still, it’s not going away. Here are five tips to prevent phishing:   Be suspicious of both unexpected text and emails. Emails aren’t the only way people […]

Don’t EVER install Adobe Flash if a website prompts you to From June 2020 If a website prompts you to install Adobe Flash, it is actually a trap to download malware. If you do want to install the latest version of Flash, only do so on the official Adobe website. However, even if you have […]

HIPPA-Compliant Video Conferencing From May 2020 Here’s our assessment on various HIPAA-compliant video conferencing services. We have information on the security, features, and cost-effectiveness of these services. All options include military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. Zoom As of May 30, Zoom will mandate all users install an update with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. Zoom still is […]

Macs and iCloud Hijacking From February 2020 Ransomware, or viruses that hold your computer’s information for ransom, are far more common on Windows computers than Macs. However, there is a threat to a Mac that doesn’t require directly encrypting or stealing the computer’s files. iCloud hijacking is when someone reuses a password from a breached […]