Network Attached Storage (NAS): The future of onsite file sharing

Network Attached Storage (NAS): The future of onsite file sharing

From October 2019

Apple has been dedicating fewer resources to the development and maintenance of Mac file sharing functionality in newer operating systems. Because cloud-based file sharing has been gaining popularity, fewer Mac users have been implementing local file sharing using Mac servers.

However, for many users with large files, or those who need to comply with privacy and security regulations (like HIPAA), an onsite file sharing solution still makes sense. After evaluating and testing a number of different file sharing solutions, we have chosen to partner with Synology.

This company specializes in NAS devices, which are basically boxes full of hard drives that connect to the network in your office. Their NASs provide the exact same functionality you have experienced using a Mac server to store and access files.

Their hardware provides excellent compatibility with both Mac and Windows computers. Further, Synology has been a favorite of IT professionals for almost 20 years because of their products’ reliability, value, and ease of setup and use.