Password Security Advice

October 16, 2020 By Connor Prime

Password Security Advice

From October 2020

One of the biggest cyber security threats is weak passwords. Passwords can be weak because they are common (password, 123456, qwerty, etc.) or because they are reused. When a website has a security breach, the hackers will attempt to use hacked email and password combinations found on one website for other websites. And attempting to use stolen credentials on ‘high-value’ websites (email, banking, credit cards, PayPal, etc.) is their priority.

Therefore it’s imperative that, at the very least, you have completely different passwords for your most important accounts (email, banking, credit cards, PayPal, etc.). A password manager like 1Password (we are a 1Password partner) or Keeper can help. Or you can use the built-in password management of Safari (Keychain), Chrome, etc. In addition, you need to set up 2FA/MFA (two-factor or multi-factor authentication), whereby you are sent a code to log in to these websites from new devices.

Hacking is on the rise in 2020, with security breaches happening every day. By taking some simple precautions you can greatly minimize your risk. Please give us a call or reply to this email if you would like help with password management. Click below for information about password hygiene.