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    HIPAA Compliance Safeguards

    It is important for you to know your data is secure and backed up in case of emergency, audit, or other unexpected reasons.

    For more than two decades, Favarger Consulting has worked with healthcare providers like you to ensure immediate and long-term technology strategies include the security and redundancy requirements set forth by HIPAA.

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    Secure Encrypted Email (HIPAA Compliant)

    We offer managed cloud email service that uses end-to-end encryption, providing secure communication between the office and every patient.

    With our email service, you can rest assured your email system is 100% HIPAA compliant.

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    Technology Roadmap Planning

    At Favarger Consulting, we help our clients predict their annual technology costs based on a variety of factors including business software applications, aging hardware, and staffing plans.

    We can help you achieve a predictable technology budget based on a plan to replace aged technology assets and proactively prepare for expected growth.

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    Mobile Device Management

    Sensitive data is on more than just our computers. These days, our phones and laptops often contain sensitive information like corporate, financial, patient, and personal data. By using a mobile device management solution, we offer options for you to manage, track, and wipe your organization-owned devices from the convenience of a remote location like your office.

    Furthermore, healthcare providers and businesses are commonly required to enforce specific settings on their devices for security reasons. The mobile device management solutions we offer satisfy such requirements.

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    Server and Storage Solutions

    Knowing where and how company data is being stored is something you want to know but rarely have to think about.

    We install and support server and storage solutions, whether you are having the equipment installed in your office or in a data center facility.

    Furthermore, our remote monitoring and alert software will notify us when your technology needs attention. Maybe the server is running slowly on a specific day or crashed over the weekend. Whatever the reason, we will see this and help you to resolve the issue in a timely and proactive manner.

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    Secure Encrypted Backup (HIPAA Compliant)

    We understand how critical it is for healthcare providers and other businesses to have a secure backup strategy.

    Favarger Consulting offers a HIPAA compliant managed backup solution with 256-bit encryption for systems running macOS, Windows, or Linx. Backup is stored in a highly secure private cloud data center in California.

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    Network Installation and Configuration

    These days a company's network lies at the heart of all business operations. It is the network that enables employees to reliably and securely access the internet and all of the company data they need, whether in one location or multiple.

    With so many ways to setup and configure a network, it is a job best handled by experienced IT professionals. We install and support network firewalls, switches, and wireless access points. Let us help you plan your next business expansion or network upgrade.

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    Internet Service Provider Management

    Internet service outages at your office or healthcare facility can be crippling for regular business operations. We help our customers identify the best possible internet service providers at the building's location(s). Then we go a step further by installing the technology to provide redundant internet service lines for maximum uptime.

    We support installation, upgrades, monitoring, and management of your internet service provider. This includes providing support and managing ISP vendors when something goes wrong.

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    On-site and Remote Support

    We believe the best way to support your business needs is to be timely, efficient, and responsive. With that said, technical support can happen in a variety of ways.

    We provide scheduled on-site support, emergency on-site dispatch, and remote support via telephone and remote desktop. If you are in need of support outside of normal business hours, we have several options available to clients who require additional flexibility.

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    Desktop/Laptop Troubleshooting

    Nothing can be more frustrating than trying to figure out what is wrong with your computer or mobile device. We are adept at diagnosing and fixing software and hardware problems, and are happy to provide support to our customers when their technology begins to misbehave.

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    Office Relocation

    Relocating an office, clinic, private practice, or data center can be a huge undertaking. Get up and running smoothly with the help of Favarger Consulting.

    During the relocation, we manage all aspects of the core IT infrastructure. This includes servers, storage systems, network devices, and other IT assets.

    With enough notice, we can work proactively to find the best internet service provider for your new location and build out a network plan customized for the new building(s). See Internet Service Provider (ISP) Management and Network Installation and Configuration (above).

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    Emergency On-Call Services

    Occasionally your medical organization or business may experience technology emergencies outside of normal operating business hours. If you anticipate the need for IT support during evenings or weekends, Favarger Consulting can be there to help when these critical emergencies arise.


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