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Secure Email Communications

Every day 80,000 emails are compromised leading to data breaches and more compromised emails. Breached passwords are then sold to dozens of malicious actors for less than $10 on average on the dark web, meaning multiple people can be exploiting a compromised email.

Most of the time passwords are compromised because of human error such as reusing important passwords and unpatched software.  We can help prevent this and other compromised credentials with comprehensive employee security training and ensuring your computer security is up to date. We can also monitor the dark web, so if your emails are compromised, we can immediately mitigate the damage before they’re sold to other malicious actors.

Hosting and Management

1 out of 3 companies report losing their data stored in cloud-based applications. We can help ensure your company isn’t one of them.

Whether you’re using G-Suite, Office 365, or our hosting service for your email, we can ensure your emails are hosted securely and backed up to HIPAA compliant standards. Also, regardless if your data needs to be archived for months or indefinitely, we will ensure there are secure backups.

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