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  • With extensive experience working with medical offices specializing in private practices, Favarger Consulting has a collection of solutions that are appropriate for businesses and medical organizations with compliance-related needs.

    Encrypted email, HIPAA compliant backup, device monitoring, and secure office networks are some examples of some of the solutions we provide.

    We also work with many other types of businesses to anticipate technology needs and mitigate technical issues. Whether you seek to create a strategic IT roadmap, change your infrastructure, plan an office relocation, or are in need of on-demand support, we are here to help.

    Favarger Consulting is a member of the Apple Consultants Network. We renew our certifications on an annual basis, ensuring that we provide our clients with up-to-date, industry-specific knowledge and expertise.

  • Services

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    HIPAA Compliance Safeguards

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    HIPAA Compliant Email

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    Technology Roadmap Planning

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    Mobile Device Management

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    Server and Storage Solutions

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    HIPAA Compliant Backup

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    Network Installation and Configuration

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    Internet Service Provider Management

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    On-site and Remote Support

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    Desktop/Laptop Troubleshooting

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    Office Relocation

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    Emergency On-call Services

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